How to overcome a writing slump

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This post was actually requested by two different readers! Eeeek! I love writing posts that I know my readers want. And those requests were perfect, too, because if I’m entirely honest, I’ve been in a little writing slump myself. Ever since publishing my second book, Fifty Days, I’ve slipped into a deep creativity rut and have only recently climbed out of it.

If you didn’t know, I am the author of two novels, Forsaken and Fifty Days, which you can find more about


. I’ve been a creative writer all my life, way before my love for blogging flourished into Mindfully Brittney. My blog originally was an author blog, but with a combination of the writing rut and my new profound love of mindfulness and psychology, I stopped writing about writing and transitioned my entire blog altogether.


Anyway, after that long writing slump, I am excited to say that I’m writing a new book! I have no future publication plans for it, though. In fact, I’m simply writing, to write, because I love crafting stories and characters from blank pages. It is my favorite form of creativity and art, and I’m glad to reconnect with it.
In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 things that helped me get myself out of my long writing slump and back into the art of crafting a book. Hopefully, these tips will help you as well!

How to snap yourself out of a writing slump


1. Listen to a writing playlist throughout the day

One thing that has helped me tremendously is listening to my writing playlist rather than my daily mixes. Turning on the playlist instantly immerses me into my imagination. One song can cause a ricochet of ideas and characters and scenes, all playing like movies inside my head. When I need a little nudge to get me excited about writing, intense, instrumental music never seems to fail me.

2. Play video games, or read books/watch movies similar to the story you’re writing

I write psychological thrillers, so when I fall into a writing slump, I like to read or watch shows in that genre. Anything that’s suspenseful, twisted, or delves deep into the mind causes ideas and concepts to flicker in my head and get me thrilled to write.
Interestingly enough, I find that playing video games, such as World of Warcraft, Minecraft, or Destiny, helps immerse me into creative ideas even more so than reading books and watching movies since games are much more interactive and personal. In World of Warcraft, I have a Dwarf Paladin named Kemmil, and in an odd way, I feel connected to her, watching her go on mighty quests and helping her make decisions. But consuming anything creative will surely bring about fresh ideas and inspire you to work your way out of a writing slump.

3. Create a comfortable and familiar environment to write in

I write best at night with a cup of tea and a candle at my side. For some reason, the calmness, and quiet of the nighttime unleash the greatest ideas and the cozy environment makes me feel safe.
Maybe all you need to do is create a comfortable, safe space where you can allow your thoughts and characters to run wild. Maybe tidy up a bit, brew a fresh pot of coffee, put away distractions, and create the writing space of your dreams. Ask yourself whether you write best early in the day or late at night. Maybe you write best at the kitchen table (like me).
When we’re in a space of comfort, we can take the weight off our shoulders, relax, and simply write. You can also feel rooted in that space and begin associating that environment with writing.

4. Take a break from writing

There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks from writing. Heck, I took a 2-year break! Sometimes, when we’re forcing the words out of us, we’re not in a place of flow, and over time, it could lead to burn-out. If the words aren’t flowing, take a day or a week or a month off–whatever you need, and don’t feel bad for it, either.
While you’re on your break, let your imagination soar and build up with ideas, but don’t race back to your laptop just yet. Maybe journal about your ideas, or envision them throughout the day. Get yourself excited to return to your story.
Maybe even pick up morning or evening journaling and use it to get the gunk out. Make your writing break a magical time to allow your creative mind to expand. When we’re constantly giving parts of ourselves, pouring out our ideas, it’s normal to hit a wall or find that our creative juices have run dry. So, breaks to build it back up are almost vital for our writing careers.

5. Align yourself with a creative flow

When we have run out of ideas, or the words are coming out clunky and meaningless, try aligning yourself with the creative flow by reframing your mindset and connecting to the reason why you love writing. Try sitting in mediation and calling in ideas. When we open ourselves up to ideas and guidance, we expand our minds and attract those stories to us. Sit in silence, and listen to the words and stories all around you. If you look closely, ideas are not too far away.
Every morning, I get up to do my mindset routine, and in that mindset routine, I write and repeat the affirmations:
I flow with creative energy.
Ideas are all around.
My words flow with ease.
I am aligned with creativity.
Maybe seek out some affirmations that speak to you, and repeat them throughout the day.
To get in the creative flow, you can also do some physical activity such as yoga or walking.

I hope these 5 tips help you return to a wonderful, flowing state of mind and shake you out of your writing slump.
As I mentioned in the beginning, please let me know if there are any writing tips or posts you would like to see from me. Comment them below, email, or message me on Instagram–whatever works!
Also, what are some ways in which you get out of a writing slump? Let me know below!
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