Ways to clear and prevent your mind of clutter

Updated: Feb 25

Hi there!

Honestly, this post is perfect timing. I'm not kidding when I say that less than 20 minutes away, I was journaling at my desk, aiming to release tension and unwanted thoughts, or clutter.

And I'm realizing now that I am completely full of clutter, and that's because I'm somewhat of a thought hoarder. We all are, though -- it's so easy to store fears, self-doubts, faces, comments, memories. But, if we don't clear these thoughts, they turn to unnecessary mental clutter.

In the last Wellness Project post, we learned how to release what no longer serves us. This post goes over more of the clarity aspect, and learning to keep our mind quiet forevermore.

So, as simple as possible, for this post is all about simplicity and clarity, here are a few ways to clear and prevent your mind of clutter.


the most simplistic thing you can do to clear

journal in the morning

let your thoughts wander onto the pages while your mind is still waking up

and here are 30 journal prompts to help

sit in silence and allow your thoughts to wander

sometimes, silence is good

stop watching so much TV

overstimulation is a real thing. blue light can awaken our minds and cause our thoughts to race around.

turn off your social media notifications

just try it for a week and notice how you feel

and stop reading all those self-help book

*sigh* I hate to admit it, but they do indeed add clutter. try a fictional book instead

get the right amount of sleep at night

come on. you know 4 hours isn't good for you

forgive yourself

please stop being so hard on yourself

go for a walk or run, and listen to your body

exercise will help silence your mind of those little pestering thoughts

maybe try yoga

yoga is the most mindful exercise

go out and about and leave your phone at home

screw phones, man. they distract us from life

try listening for once

don't interrupt, don't nod if you don't understand, don't argue. listen

do something crafty, or artsy

release your clutter through art

and don't multitask

you will get everything done in time

just... slow... down...

there's no need to add so much to your plate so quickly

Wow, that was even hard for me. I've never written a post so simplistic before, but I kind of liked it. I hope y'all learned something from this post, and were able to let go of some sort of clutter.

Bookmark this page and return to it whenever you feel the need to release, clear, and move on.

Probably writing,


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