The key to finding balance in each day

Updated: Feb 26

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstien


So, I've realized, over these past few months, that finding balance is actually much easier than one may think.

I spent a lot of time last year trying to find ways to manage stress and schedule my day accordingly so that I had a perfect balance of work, class, friends, family, my blog, and me-time.

But, it wasn't easy. In fact, by putting so much attention on avoiding stress and finding balance, I became more stressed than ever before. I was trying to control my days, my anxiety levels, and it was really rough, y'all.

There is actually only one key to unlocking balance. One small trick can make every day feel lovely and stress-free in itself, all the time.

And that one key is to: Find what feels good, in every moment.

This is something I took from Gabrielle Bernstein's book, Super Attractor, and have fit into my everyday life. So, thank you, Gabby!

And yes, it is that simple.

When you're always searching for what feels good, there will never be room for stress, fear, doubt. During each and every day, it's vital that we look for the good. If you want to write, write. If you want to go on a run, go on a run. If you want that danish, eat that danish.

But, how does this fit in with balance?

It makes sense to think that we can't always search for the good. With work, classes, and irritating people and pop-up events in the way, it's easy to feel overstimulated and overwhelmed. However, if you're a parent, work a 9-5 every day, do absolutely nothing on a daily basis or whoever you are, I can assure you that if you find what feels good in every situation, stress will cease to exist.

If you continue to reach for what feels good in every situation, then you are only focusing on what you desire, so your day will fall into place just as it should, just as you want it to.

As an example, imagine you wake up to an incredibly stressful day, filled with college classes, work, a club meeting, and an advising appointment (a very college example). If you focus on how stressed you'll be, how hectic this day will turn out, then you are only creating more stress in your mind, and the day hasn't even started!

Instead, wake up and smile, be grateful that you are alive and well. Maybe brew some coffee and enjoy every sip. Wear a comfortable outfit, pack a yummy lunch, and find little moments throughout the day that'll lift your spirits. Maybe take a break to read at some point, or listen to your favorite playlist, and continue doing things that make you feel good. And if it feels good to do so, maybe don't go to the club, or reschedule the appointment.

The other day, for instance, I managed to find an hour break in my busy college day. Instead of thinking, Oh no, I only have an hour to relax! I need to do this, and that, and make a post--I simply walked into a Starbucks, ordered a Matcha Green Tea Latte (my favorite!), pulled out my current read and dove in, avoiding my phone and all other distractions. I allowed myself to fully immerse into that moment. I found what felt good, and I chased it.

And you may be thinking: No! I need to plan my day ahead of time and follow through with everything and then later I also make time for what I love to do and then I'll be balanced.

But, here's the deal -- If you don't focus on finding what feels good, putting most of your effort into getting work done and out of the way, meeting with friends you don't really like, attending events you don't want to go to, writing a blog post on a topic you don't care for, then when will you ever have the time to do what you want to do?

Life is always changing, and every day will seem busier than the last. We think we will have time to do things later on, but we should be doing what we love every day, all the time, and life should be about finding what feels good, not prioritizing what feels bad.

I watched a video once that included a quote that I reflect on often: Every day is the same day, lived by someone a little bit older. And life is nothing but these days, repeated.

If that doesn't encourage you to enjoy each day as it's own, separate day, then I'm not sure what will!

And this may not make any sense. In fact, it may seem silly, too easy. But, I dare you to try it.

Stop chasing balance. Stop focusing on the constant obstacles in your life--don't avoid them, either.

Find the good in every part of your day, and keep reaching for the good. Don't stop, don't give in to the fear and the doubts and the stress of every day. Keep moving forward, and your day will feel more balanced than ever before.

Balance isn't about planning out a balanced life--it's about focusing on the right now, the present, and allowing the beauty of it to continue to expand through you.

And all you have to do, from here on out (I'm telling you!) is to find what feels good.

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Probably finding what feels good,


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