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Updated: Apr 16

Hi there!

I love morning routine videos and posts, so I thought what better time to make another one? A while back I wrote a morning routine post, 5 things to add to your morning routine, and why you should start one, but it's been nearly a year since I posted that! Obviously, with my exploration of mindfulness and minimalism, as well as the craziness going on right now, my routine has changed a bit.

In this post, I will share what I do every morning, step by step, in order to start my day off productive and pleasant. Of course, not every morning is the same, and oftentimes I don't do everything, or even do more. But that's the beauty of mornings--you can follow routines, yet in the end, it's important to make the morning yours.

Also, when I went to class I'd wake up at 7:30. Now since I can't leave my apartment, I wake up anywhere from 8:30 to noon, depending on when I went to bed the night before. My favorite time to wake up, however, is 9 am.

1. Make my bed

I'm not sure when this habit originated, but I'm been making my bed every morning for as long as I can remember. It probably began in my dorm, when I had limited space, but regardless, it is a habit that I am so incredibly thankful I now have.

Making my bed first thing in the morning helps clear my space so I then have room to do my next morning ritual.

2. Light yoga/stretching

I adore stretching in the morning. I do a few sun salutations and neck and shoulder rolls, then make my way to the floor, where I do toe-touches, twists, and all sorts of stretches. Stretching helps wake up my body for the day ahead. Whether I'm in a hurry, or not, I make sure to stretch.

All the while, I am sipping on cold water, which helps wake up my mind and fuel me.

3. Wash my face

If I don't wash my face first thing in the morning, I often forget to do so. I apply a cleanser, a revitalizing oil, then moisturize. I start my day feeling cleansed and pretty!

4. Brew coffee

Making coffee in the morning has become my most favorite morning ritual. I carefully measure the water and scoop in the dark coffee and watch it steep. While it's brewing, I take my daily vitamins and supplements.

I've been going dairy-free (mostly) for the past few days in order to reduce my eczema inflammation and so I've been using almond milk vanilla creamer with my coffee, which is actually so good! I stir it in, relax, and sip, often in my bedroom near my window where I can watch the birds waking up.

5. Morning Pages/Journal

Recently, I'll be honest and admit that I haven't been journaling in the mornings, mostly because I've been sleeping in and don't have time. But, when I do sit down to journal, I can get the gunk and clutter out of my head before the day starts.

Journaling in the mornings helps me with brain fog as well.

To read more about my Morning Pages routine, read My Morning Pages routine, and why it's the best thing ever.

6. Gratitude and affirmations

I'll either write these in the current journal I'm journaling in or in my bullet journal. I like to list 3-5 things I'm grateful for, such as my laptop, my cat's health, my large windows, etc. and I'll either write or speak 3-5 affirmations aloud. Doing this brings positivity and joy to my day ahead while also aligning me in the right mindset.

My favorite affirmations right now are:

I am exactly where I am supposed to be, right here and right now.

I am releasing what no longer serves me.

I find what feels good.

Today is going to be a great day.

For more on this, read 5 mindsets for inner peace and joy.

7. Cook breakfast

I used to think of coffee as breakfast and not eat until lunch, but because I have more time in my mornings, I now cook my breakfast every morning.

My favorite breakfasts are oatmeal with blueberries, two fried eggs with pan-fried potatoes, or homemade, almond flour pancakes. I'll usually eat my breakfast while bullet journaling or watching a show with my boyfriend and roommates.

8. One last tidy-up

Before I officially get to work, I go around and tidy up my room, wiping down surfaces and putting away clothes and refilling my water bottle. I love to have a clean, fresh room for my online classes and work schedule ahead.

I truly believe that have a tidy space results in incredible productivity during the day.

9. Workout or Yoga, then shower

I like to stay in my comfy clothes for a bit when I wake up. While I do like working out first thing, I find more pleasure working out in the middle of my day or late morning when I start feeling restless. I think of it as a mid-day detox and boost of energy.

I most usually workout about 30 minutes after I eat, when my day is rolling but not quite--usually, I'm still being "lazy" playing animal crossing, Hearthstone, or watching a show.

My favorite workouts are Popsugar's tabatas! You can find one here.

I then shower, change into casual attire (a step-up from PJs) and get back to work.

I do hope you enjoyed this simple, but productive morning routine, and I hope you are able to add any of these tasks to your morning routine.

Without a morning routine, my day feels random and all over the place, my mornings blending into my workday. I love to separate my rituals and truly enjoy each morning, as it is.

Do you have a morning routine? If you'd like, comment about it below!

Probably writing,


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