An inside look at my December spread

Updated: Feb 25


the month of joy, happiness, and to finish what you started

Finishing off the year, as well as my bullet journal, I made a festive, holiday theme for the month. As part of a request to post more about bullet journaling, something I've been doing for over three years now, I decided to share what my spread looks like!

Here is my title page, which helps separate the previous month/weekly spreads. I decided to draw a Christmas ornament with some side Christmas lights to add more character!

Next, is my monthly overview, which I use to make notes, mark dates (such as exams shown here) and other things going on throughout the month.

Here, I have a habit tracker and a mood tracker. I always have a habit tracker, and the mood tracker is new--I honestly needed something to cover that extra page. Regardless, I'm excited they're side by side. Trackers are so nice to have, as it helps you to do things consistently and take time to reflect on yourself.

Lastly is my weekly spread, which I'm most proud of! My weekly spread layouts change weekly, I'm afraid, and I'm hoping this specific one works for me for the rest of the month. I'm trying to write three things I'm thankful for every day, as well as write my daily mantra and talk about the best thing that occurred that specific day. The blank boxes are future to-do lists.

Anyways, I hope y'all liked this post! My spreads aren't perfect like most I see on Pinterest, where I find most of my inspiration, but they're personal, creative, and quite colorful, and that's exactly how a bullet journal is supposed to be!

For more spread ideas, read: 30 bullet journal page ideas

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