How to make an easy weekly spread for optimal productivity | step-by-step guide

Updated: Apr 30

Hi there!

I get a lot of questions and comments regarding my bullet journal, and although I have a few posts written that go over the basics of bullet journaling, I figured I'd share my productive weekly spread!

I make this spread nearly every week--I only don't when I have nothing going on that week. But, I've recently realized that we can always sneak in productivity every week!

This spread has helped me get my life back and rolling. With everything going on, it's easy to fall into a slump. But, this layout helps me stay accountable because I feel inclined to open it and add to every morning and evening.

I also love this spread because, not only is it productive, but it gives me the most space to be creative and add things that I want to track each week. It also only takes me about 20-30 minutes to make, and it's simple enough that I can watch tv while doing so.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you haven't read my other bullet journal posts, find them here.

STEP ONE - Draw two vertical lines on your blank page, about an inch and a half in width.

(Also, ignore my eczema in these pictures! This is just what my hands look like right now, and I'm okay with that!)

STEP TWO - Draw three horizontal lines across the page, even amounts apart. Mine were 6 inches apart, but that depends on how tall your bullet journal is.

Then, write the month and weekdays above as your title! You can make this however you'd like.

STEP THREE - Add the days of the weeks and dates in the top left corner of your boxes, and number down from 7 - 11, skipping the even numbers.

This method helps me the best, as I aim to get up at 9 am or earlier and go to bed around 11 pm. Also, adding all of the numbers from 7 am to 11 pm would take up a lot of space.

I then add the day's events to the right of the numbers.

STEP FOUR - Add your task/to-do lists for each day. I like to go ahead and add five circles or squares so that I don't forget to give myself things to do that day!

As you can see, my lines are not perfect, so don't worry if you mess up a bit!

I forgot to mention this as well--but I love to just dive in with my pen. I don't like seeing pencil marks under the pen marks, and also, that takes way too long!

I use the G-2 Pilot pen!

STEP FIVE - Gratitude

I've been adding gratitude lists to my pages, so I remember to do it every morning!

You can add this, or something else, or nothing at all!

It's really up to you--this is your journal!

STEP SIX - First side column

In the first side column, I like to add my weekly goals, the month as well as upcoming events, and weekly tasks.

You can add anything you want here, but I find this helps me the most!

STEP SEVEN - Second side column

Here, I added an affirmation list, my dinners for the week, and a notes area. I always add affirmations and notes, but sometimes this column changes depending on what I feel like tracking that specific week.

STEP EIGHT - Decorate

This is my favorite step!

I normally do one big doodle at the top depending on the theme of my monthly spread. This month is flowers and bees, so that's what I added!

I also like to add little plants around my page to help tie in the theme.

I then took some colored pencils and splashed a little color all over the page! I underlined days and added random streaks of color.

I love color in my spreads! If you don't, feel free to leave it simple.

But I like to take this time to be creative and really make my spread MINE.

STEP NINE - The final touches

This is what mine looks like when it's all said and done!

It's still simple, but what makes it look artsier is the colors--I'm telling you.

I'm not perfect with my drawings or my layouts, but I think trying too hard with bullet journaling defeats the entire purpose. It's supposed to be messy, unique, and you!

Also, this is what my spread looks like now, after it's been used for a few days:

If you do decide to try out this spread, let me know how you like it! And if you enjoyed this type of post, be sure to let me know below so I can continue making more!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Probably writing,


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