8 ways to embrace your dreams and bring them into existence

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When we set goals for ourselves or decide to chase our dreams, the road ahead can seem a little daunting, especially if we don't know how to get to where we want to be.

You may be feeling far away from your dreams. The path to success may seem impossible.

You are not alone.

Regardless of the goals we have, obstacles, barriers, walls, and even losses will surely be up ahead. It can get confusing, a bit scary, and comparison will be right there, waiting.

Of course, only if we let it near us.

While writing, publishing, and marketing two books at a young age, and starting a blog without a background in self-help, I was faced with several challenges and doubts. Writing a book so young seemed silly, and even now, writing this blog and hoping it gets big seems like an impossible dream.

But, it's a dream. It's a passion. And if we give up on or our passions and our dreams... well, let's not do that.

There's a quote from Robots (yes, the children's movie) that says:

"A dream that you don't fight for will haunt you for the rest of your life."

When I heard this from Herb Copperbottom, I froze in place, because this robot dad was so right.

Life is about chasing what we want and doing the things that fuel us, give us meaning, as well as challenge us. Life isn't easy, and that's the fun of it. Through struggles, we figure out what we want out of life, as well as what makes us happy.

You're going to fall down, but you're going to stand back up even stronger.

Here are 8 ways to embrace your dreams and bring them into existence.

1. Trust your gut

It's important to trust in what you believe in and what you stand for. If something is calling you, then go after it!

Life is much too short to make excuses for what we want. If you want to start your blog, Youtube channel, write your book, etc., then go for it! Follow your passions, trust your gut, and get out there. Your gut knows what you want, so all you have to do is listen.

You'll only regret it if you don't.

If you're not sure what your gut is telling you, check out my post 5 ways to tap into your intuition | my transition from books to blogging

2. Make time for your goals

If you keep talking about all the books you want to write but never actually make time to sit down and write them, how are you going to get there?

I never had a clear writing system while writing my books, but I suppose I made time whenever I could. Rather than zone out to the TV after school or before bed, I'd pull out my laptop (this same one I'm typing on now, actually) and let my stories and ideas blaze to life on the page. I made time for my books.

Now, with my blog, I do have a system. It's messy, unorganized, as I'm still figuring out what works best for me, but, every week, I write and put out two posts. So, regardless of how much free time I have in a week, I make time to write two posts and publish them. Recently, I decided I'd post every Wednesday and Sunday in order to keep a consistent schedule.

When we make time for our goals, they become much more reachable and for once, don't seem so daunting.

3. Remember that you don't have to know where you're going, or what you're doing, just go

You may have a vague idea of what you want to do with no clear goals in mind, and that's okay. You may change and adapt over time, and that's okay, too. We don't have to always know where we're headed, and we certainly don't know what the future holds, but we can keep on moving, and that's enough.

My blog content changes ever so slightly with every post. Some weeks I want to write about minimalism while others I want to focus on books or even emotions. This is all okay.

We shouldn't put ourselves in boxes. We should commit to what we want, yes, but our passions and views on subjects will change, and change shouldn't scare us. Neither should an unclear path.

Start by writing your first blog post and uploading it sometime this week. Write a chapter or two of a book that's calling you. Sit down and fed that project life. Change up your Instagram fed and plan your captions beforehand.

You don't have to know where you're going now, or ever. But I can assure you that with every brave step, your path will materialize for you more and more.

4. Don't give up

Even if it seems impossible, your goals are achievable. Stick to your routine and hold onto your dreams, even when times get hard.

I'll be honest--there were many times when I almost gave up on this blog. There were so many other blogs, so how could mine be any different or provide information that others didn't already know?

But instead, I reframed my thoughts, I trusted my gut, and I continued forward. And I'm so glad I did because I'm finally seeing an improvement in myself and my blog.

There's a quote I read today by Michelle Obama that says:

"You get to the point when there are things you enjoy that start getting hard--that's when you know you're getting good, and you have to stick through it."

Don't give up on your dreams because you feel like you're not getting anywhere, or because it's too hard. There are so many Youtubers and bloggers who nearly gave up, but didn't, even though they were receiving no income or new subscribers for years.

Keep going, keep pushing. You will see results--I promise you.

5. Allow success to come to you, and be patient

Sometimes when we're pushing on our dream a little too hard, it can retreat from us.

Have you ever watched a Youtube video or read a blog post or even read a book that came off a little too strong? Or what about those Instagrammers that always post captions that are a little too long and packed to the rim with information? Your mind gets overloaded with all the details being thrown at you, and you may retreat back out of stress or even fear. People like calm, gentle, achievable, not hectic and busy.

Now imagine how the Universe feels when you shout your thousands of dreams to the world, demanding to see them that instant.

We all push a little too much sometimes, determined to reach our goals now, see the results we want, but when we push and push, others will run away, and so will the Universe.

Return to your gut, your purpose, your "why". If you don't have a "why" yet, listen to your thoughts, your wants. Visualize your wants manifesting right in front of you, and approach your goals through a place of love, rather than fear.

Be authentic. Be you. Be gentle with your posts, with your content, with the people you interact with.

Align yourself with love, take off those blinders, and allow great things and achievements to come to you. If you do this, you'll feel a sense of calm rather than stress overcome you when working toward your goals.

"Little strokes fell great oaks."

- Benjamin Franklin

6. Create an action plan to tackle your goals

Calling onto the Universe for guidance is so important for achieving our goals, but so is actually getting things done. Now that you've made time for your goals, it's time to make an action plan.

Figure out what success looks like to you. Ask yourself: Where do I see myself in a year from now? Five years? 10 years? What is my "why"? Pull out your journal and get to writing!

Maybe your action plan looks like creating a weekly schedule or making a monster to-do list of all the things you need to get done. Whatever it looks like, commit to it and follow through. Set milestones and mini-goals for yourself to relieve stress and increase motivation and go after what you want!

Check out The Blissful Mind's post How to design an action plan for your goals for more on this.

7. Write down your accomplishments and track your improvement

It's easy to fall into spirals of self-doubt if we're only focusing on the failures and obstacles. Write down your accomplishments, even if they're small, and refer back to them when possible. If you feel like you're not getting enough views, look back on the time when you got none. Five views, even one is an accomplishment that deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

No matter what, don't stop chasing your dreams. Be who you want to be, and celebrate every minor step that you take.

You've got this.

8. Remind yourself that there's more than enough to go around

This is a quote that Gabrielle Bernstein says a lot in her books, especially in Super Attractor (which I highly recommend)!

You may fall into negative self-talk and believe that there are so many other people out there doing exactly what you want to do and doing it better. But the thing is, this is true for any situation. No matter what you want to do, or who you want to be, you're going to face competition and comparison.

There's more than enough to go around. You are different, and therefore you offer unique insights, and that alone should be enough motivation to get out there and get started.

Trust your gut, believe in your goals, and have patience and determination. Release fear, release worry, release doubt, and work toward your goals, step by step, whenever you make time to do so.

And from doing so, remarkable things will come your way

"Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire."

- St. Catherine of Siena

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Also, how do you believe in yourself? What motivates you to achieve your goals? Let me know below--I'd love to know!

From my heart to yours, I can assure you that you're not alone and that you will get there. All you need to do is trust in who you are, and what you want to do and never give up.

Probably sipping coffee by the window and visualizing,


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