8 reasons why you should be grateful for your body

Updated: Feb 25

I'm writing this the day after Thanksgiving. Today, I've eaten so much pie and ham sandwiches, haven't taken a shower, and haven't done my daily yoga. Terrible, I know! I was feeling fine, however, until I walked over to a mirror and began poking at my belly, which was round and bloated and stuck out more than usual. Negative thoughts and images crept into my head, and luckily, I was able to shake them away in time. Right after, I rushed over to write this post.

I meant to write and post on Thursday when I normally post, but Thanksgiving morning I found the bed sheets incredibly comfortable and didn't leave until just before I had to shower and help my mom cook our Thanksgiving meal. So, I didn't write a post.

But, I'm almost glad I didn't, and I like that I'm writing this specific post today--it's the day after Thanksgiving, and our bellies are full and our sweatpants feel a little tight and besides shopping, there's nothing to do except catch up on Disney+.

Around this time of year, we adore being grateful. We're grateful for our friends, our family, the objects in our lives, our house, and more. But, when do we sit down and think of ways to be grateful for our bodies? Our wonderful, lovely bodies that we, at times, put down, take for granted and try to hard so change.

In this new era of self-love, I thought I'd write a post, just to remind each and every one of us that gratitude is just as important toward ourselves. Sometimes, it's difficult to see the beauty and wonders of our body, especially when we're so focused on losing weight, perfecting our skin and hair, and wearing nice clothes to appeal to the current trend. So, let's take a step back, and thank our bodies.

8 reasons why you should be grateful for your body

1. Your body is strong

We can run marathons, climb mountains, swim miles in the sea, lift and carry things, balance on a bike, and so much more. While we need to train to do some of these things first, aha, we still have the capability to do it. We are awesome. Sit back and appreciate your inner and outer strength.

2. Your body is unique

Every body is different, unique, with curves and shapes and height and width and even smells. Think about that. Nobody else in this Universe is you, but you. Take time to appreciate that.

3. Your body can heal itself

Our skin and bodily organs are simply fascinating. When we fall and skin our knee, when we become ill, our body knows just what to do to heal itself. We are (almost) invincible! Let's take time to appreciate our awesome skin and our amazing inner functions.

4. Your body stores food and water so that you don't starve

We hate on fat, on our stomach rolls and too-big calves and the overall size of ourselves. But, why? Our fat is there to help us, keep us alive, feed us. Sure, we can work some of it off, but let's take time to appreciate our fat.

5. Your body is the only physical thing that you have complete control of

We spend so much time trying to control outside things when the only thing we can really take control of is our bodies. We program ourselves through our head, twiddle our fingers and walk forward and backward and can hop up and down simply through thought. If we want to stop moving, we can. If we want to embrace someone, we can. When in times of distress, try holding yourself, and know that your body is always there for you.

6. Life is too short to not be grateful

Whether it's an overused term or not, it's important to remind ourselves that life is incredibly short, and our physical bodies won't be here for long. Let's love them and appreciate them while they're here, with us. Life is too short to hate on ourselves. Take time to send love to your lovely body.

7. Your body takes up beautiful space in this world

Do you ever stop and realize that our body exists? We get upset by the idea of taking so much space, but isn't that a good thing? We are here, we are present, we are visible and we take up space. No matter what size you are, you take up beautiful space in this world. You help make up the human population. You exist, and we all know how remarkably weird that is. Take time to thank the Universe for your existence, then make something of your existence.

8. Your body can create life

I won't go into the details on this one, aha, but seriously! Our bodies can produce life! How crazy is that? We are simply lovely machines that can reproduce and create more beautiful bodies that in turn exist. We have so many functions and capabilities, it's incredible! Sit back and be thankful that, because of you, more life has the capability or already does, exist.

There are so many more reasons to be grateful and appreciative of our bodies, but frankly, this is all I have for today. The most important thing to remember: Don't hate your body, because my, is that exhausting. Be grateful that you are here, and you are well, and you're reading this now.

You are beautiful, perfect, just the way you are.

What are some other reasons to be grateful for your body? Comment them below!

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