30 bullet journal page ideas

Updated: Feb 25

Bullet journaling can seem a bit hectic at first, which is why I decided to separate this post and its partnering post, How to begin a bullet journal. It takes a while to build up a solid habit of it, so once you feel entirely comfortable drawing out weekly and monthly and even yearly spreads, you can safely move on to adding more.

So, for a little inspiration, once you have started your lovely new bullet journal, here are 30 pages to add to your beautiful, wonderful, incredible, messy bullet journal:

1. a habit tracker.

2. a mood tracker

3. a TV show tracker

4. books you want to read

5. a book review log

or, like me, you can combine 4 & 5

6. monthly/seasonal/yearly goals

7. an affirmation list

for affirmation recommendations, read 20 affirmations to say every day

8. your morning/evening routine

for morning routine ideas, read 5 things to add to your morning routine, and why you should start one

9. an autograph page, for when you want your friends to share their creativity

10. your ideal day

11. a food tracker

12. an exercise tracker

13. a want/need list

14. spending tracker

15. savings log

16. a passion project page

17. blog post ideas for those fellow bloggers

18. word count/page/writing time goals for those writers out there

19. a brain dump page for when you gotta let something out

20. your bucket list

21. movies you want to watch

22. a self-care list/ things that make you happy

23. a gratitude log

24. inspiring quotes

25. intense to-do list for those big tasks that you need to write down and prioritize later

26. a chore log

27. recipes list

28. how to draw.../headers/calligraphy for when you do something artsy and want to look back

and see how you did it

29. passwords (try putting this in the back, aha)

30. favorite moments I really hope these helped inspire you to build your bullet journal a bit more!

Do you have any other neat page ideas? Comment them below!

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