25 things to do on a rainy day

Whether it really is a rainy day and you’re trapped inside, or you’re just feeling bored, or blue and have nothing to do but stay in bed all day, it’s still good to make the absolute most of your day. So, whenever you find yourself on a rainy day, here are 25 things to do that’ll make your day, or mood, feel a little bit better.

1. Watch a Disney movie, or something light-hearted.

2. Read a really good book. (like Forsaken!)

3. Put away technology and just listen to the rain (or give yourself time to think).

4. Try out a new hobby, like scrapbooking, sewing, drawing, etc.--ideally, something creative.

5. Cook a fun meal for yourself or for others.

6. Make yourself some of your favorite tea.

7. Do some yoga or light exercise--it’s important to get your body up and moving.

8. Make a new playlist for yourself.

9. Or jam out to one that already exists (try to listen to something upbeat).

10. Take a long, relaxing bath (or a shower, if you dislike baths).

11. Go on Pinterest and make yourself an awesome new board.

12. Oh, and other than Pinterest, stay off social media. Please. Just once.

13. Watch some motivational videos on YouTube.

14. Go ahead and drink that 3rd cup of coffee--nobody’s watching, so who cares?

15. Just for the sake of it, put on some makeup and make yourself feel pretty.

16. Learn a new hairstyle.

17. Go on Etsy and buy yourself something cheap and fun. Expecting something in the mail is always a good way to look forward to something. Just don’t overspend!

28. Play your favorite video game, or play a new game. I suggest downloading Hearthstone on your phone if you haven’t already! Sometimes, it's fun to be able to make your own choices, because a book or show doesn't really offer that.

19. Call someone, like a family member or dear friend, and express your gratitude for them. Choose kindness, always.

20. Add some fruits or cucumbers to your water and drink lots of it.

21. Dance around for about fifteen minutes. Dance crazily. Dance like you mean it. Dance like no one’s watching. Dance like--alright, you get it.

22. Write down your goals and turn them into affirmations and say them out loud in the mirror.

23. Complete a puzzle!

24. Light your favorite candle or turn on your essential oil diffuser.

25. Write it out, whether it’s in the form of a fictional story, or in a journal to yourself.

Some days, we just don’t want to do anything, which is totally okay--we need to be gentle with ourselves, be kind to our mind and body. But, to get up and get moving and to do something that’ll help you, in the long run, is always a better choice when compared to doing nothing but rotting your brain out with bad TV, unhealthy foods, and social media. When you’re already feeling toxic in any way, it’s important to cut out anything that’ll make you feel worse.

I hope that, on this rainy day, you do something great. Something that’ll help you realize that this too shall pass, and that this state is only temporary, and that tomorrow the sun will shine and everything will be okay because it will be.

Be kind, be gentle, and let this day be yours.

Probably writing,


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