My Books


Fifty Days is a psychological thriller about a girl who wakes up to find that she’s in a basement, and not only does she not know how she got there, she doesn’t even know who she is. She is alone, besides a mysterious man named Ace who takes care of her, keeps her company. In fifty days, he will answer all of her questions, and set her free, but she must wait patiently until then.

As time goes on, things become stranger and stranger, a woman inside changing her and messing with her mind, and her relationship with Ace turning into something deeper. Soon, she becomes desperate for answers. She tries her best to wait fifty days, but she begins to realize that by then, it might be too late.

In my debut novel, Forsaken, Skylar Vail awakens to an empty and abandoned New York City, a place she once knew as home. She leaves the city to find that she is far from home, trapped in a world with wild beasts and five realms. She meets Tristian, a boy who is also trapped and eager to get home, and together they journey to the end of the world, searching for the door that will lead them home.

When Skylar awakes, everything is back to normal besides her mental state. She seemingly goes insane, and is put in a mental institution. While there, she shares her story, hoping that someone will finally understand that what she went through was not just a dream.

Told through past and present, Forsaken is a quick-paced adventure for all ages.