Life lessons from the sea turtle

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So, it’s National Sea Turtle Day, and I had no idea until moments ago. Naturally, I decided to write a sea turtle-based blog post for today! If you didn’t already know, I am quite a fan of sea-turtles and in fact, they are my spirit animal! I even have a sea-turtle tattoo on my left wrist that appears in many of my photos. I thought, on this special day, I’d share some backstory as to why the sea turtle is so important to me, and what the sea turtle can teach us about life.
So, grab your tea (or coffee… I’m drinking coffee), and let’s dive in!
Why the sea turtle is my spirit animal
The sea turtle has been a large part of my life since my junior year of high school (which, weirdly enough, was 4 years ago) when I was going through a breakup. Out of nowhere, I was dumped, and of course, I was sad about it. Now, I realize I didn’t really like him to begin with, haha, but at that moment, I felt hurt and alone. I remember asking for a sense of direction, or a sign. I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted peace. One day, my mom pulled me out of bed and took me shopping with my grandmother. I was in a sour mood but decided to enjoy it anyway, as any time with family is special.
While at the mall, we stopped by a jewelry store. They made me take a test based on my personality and astrology, and then offered me a selection of jewelry chosen just for me. Briefly, they told me my spirit animal was the sea turtle and that the sea turtle symbolizes the idea that “Life is always moving.” At the time, I wasn’t incredibly spiritual, so I took it with a grain of salt and carried on with my day. However, I do remember this phrase really sticking with me.
I began seeing sea turtles everywhere. In north Texas, far from the beach and fairly southern, it’s not particularly common to see ocean animals unless it’s fried catfish. But I was seeing sea turtles in all sorts of places–car stickers, people’s phone cases, on t-shirts, logos for small businesses, coffee mugs, and so on. When they appeared, they both caught me by surprise and calmed me. The grace and beauty of the sea turtle never failed to remind me to slow down and carry on. And the more spiritual I became, the more connected I felt to this animal.
The moment I turned 18, I got a sea turtle tattoo in a visible place to remind me that life continues, always, and we can either sit in one spot and feel stuck, or we can push through and create the life we desire. The sea turtle is also calm and wise and encourages me to be the same.
I recommend finding your spirit animal, or spirit sign! While the online tests are fun, try asking for a sign, and notice what randomly appears in your life. Notice the phrases and objects that really stick with you. My mom’s spirit animal is a cardinal, my dad’s is a tennis ball, and my friend’s is a peacock. Allow the animal, or object, to visit you, and invite its guidance into your life.
For those who’s spirit animal isn’t the sea turtle… why is the sea turtle so important? How does an animal teach us lessons? Don’t worry–I’m here to tell you! While I feel connected to the sea turtle on a deep level, these lessons can be taught to anyone!

Life lessons from the sea turtle


Slow down

The sea turtle travels at a slow pace, taking its time and enjoying its journey across the sea. If you’re moving too fast in life or rushing to get things done, reflect on the sea turtle and admire its steadiness and calm nature. Enjoy the journey, slowly.

Trust the flow

Trust that the water will guide you forward. Follow the current, or what feels most natural to you. There is always guidance around us, and life will always work out in the end. Trust this on your journey through life.

Be wise, and learn as you go

Sea turtles are some of the oldest creatures, living up to 100 or even 150 years. They also developed around 110 million years ago, alongside dinosaurs! They know the ocean like the back of their fin and have watched the world grow overtime. Learn through your growth, and learn to be wise. Look to your elders and hear what they have to say. Let sea turtles inspire you to be intelligent beyond your years, and enjoy learning. 

Be grateful for your life and everything in it

Only 1 in 1,000 sea turtles survive their journey from a hatchling to the ocean. That long stretch of beach is incredibly dangerous, as baby sea turtles are the food source for many birds and other animals. It is a miracle that so many sea turtles live in the ocean today with that statistic. Like sea turtles, be grateful for your life and never forget how much of a miracle it really is to be here and alive. Be grateful for your health, and your journey to where you are now.

Life continues, always

This is my favorite sea turtle lesson. Life is always moving forward and may leave us behind if we’re not paying attention. Reminding myself of this lesson has helped me through many hardships in my life, like that breakup I was going through. While it’s important to heal, it’s equally important to let go of the baggage and continue swimming forward. Are you going to wait for life to happen, or are you going to move on alongside it? Don’t be afraid of what’s to come. Instead, enjoy it, and allow it to unfold, offering new experiences and wisdom.


I hope these lessons helped you on this calm Tuesday. Reminding myself of the amazing lessons the sea turtle has to offer always helps me feel at peace. What inspiring animals they are!
Do you have a spirit animal? Let me know below! And have a lovely National Sea Turtle Day!
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