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How to release self-doubt

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Whenever you put yourself out there, you should expect self-doubts to creep in. It’s unavoidable–the what-if’s and unnerving anxiety that sit on your shoulders and wait. Whether you’re first-drafting a new book, starting a blog, unsure of what to post on your social media to gain followers, or you’re dating someone new… whatever you’re doing, self-doubts will appear.
However, we can stop them. We can release them.
Because if we don’t stand up to the negative thoughts and fears, we may never get anything done. We will feel inclined to give up, take things personally, and blind ourselves from miracles, inspiration, creative ideas, and more.
In this post, I will teach you how to remove those blinders and silence self-doubt once and for all so that you can accomplish your goals and get things done with a joyish attitude!

1. Remember why you started

When you take a step back and look inside, you will understand why you first felt inclined to start this project, begin a relationship with someone, start your weight-loss program, etc.
When I personally feel consumed by self-doubt when concerning my Instagram or my blog, I retract to my roots and remind myself that I started in order to connect with other readers and writers as well as share the wisdom that I’ve collected over the years. I enjoy taking and editing photographs, and posting blogs give me so much joy. I do this for my readers, as well as myself.
When I’m reminded of why I began, I can start again with confidence and joy.
Ask yourself these questions:
– What about ______ makes me happy/feel fulfilled?
– How does ______ support/inspire others?
– Why did I so badly want to embark on this journey?

2. Take some time away to reconnect

If you’re constantly putting time and effort into your project, and you find yourself swarmed with self-doubt, then you’re probably just tired. Your mind may simply be overwhelmed. Give yourself a break, whether it’s 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 months, to reconnect with yourself and what you love. Maybe this project isn’t for you, and your instincts are leading you away.
Or perhaps, you need to find your inner passion again.
Remember tip 1: Remember why you started.
When I began writing again, a little over a year ago, I felt overwhelmed with self-doubts. Eventually, I took a big step back and looked at my struggles with an outsider perspective. I saw that 1. I was forcing myself to write without really asking why I was writing, and 2. the story I was writing didn’t feel like me and therefore didn’t belong to me.
After taking time away, reading books similar to the ones I enjoy writing most, psychological thrillers, an idea hit me, and immediately I sat down to write it.
I haven’t written much, but I’ve written some, the story bright and alive in my head. And that’s all that matters.
Ask yourself these questions:
– What makes me happiest in life?
– What hobbies ignite me?
– What is keeping me stuck in doubt?

3. Change your mindset (don’t believe the lies!)

If you find yourself swarmed with doubt, then you may be allowing yourself to be that way. Try to stop and pay attention to your thoughts–they may be easier to get rid of than you think.
When I first began this blog, I felt nervous right before unloading a post. What if no one reads it or likes it? I would ask myself. I can honestly say that a lot of my posts have ended up in the draft section because of self-doubt.
But nowadays, I simply smile and remind myself: You felt inclined to write this post for a reason, either to help yourself or others. And if no one reads it, you’ll figure out what people do like to read.
I push through my self-doubt mindset and flip it around, making blogging exciting and fun for myself, not filled with anxiety and pressure.
Ask yourself these questions:
– Did my self-doubt originate from my own self-talk?
– How do I speak to myself, and why?
– Is there a way for me to stop self-doubt?

4. Keep reaching for what feels good, and remind yourself how incredible you are

Never stop reaching for what feels good. 
When we’re constantly focusing on the negatives, the problems, then we’re only digging ourselves into deeper holes.
We must remind ourselves that we are our own, individual, awesome person. We are producing great content from our hearts (or, of course, whatever else you may be doing) and we are doing what feels good (or, we should). If blogging feels good, then blog! If writing feels good, then write! If these things don’t feel right in the moment, then don’t force yourself and instead, take a break, remember why you started, and take a close look at your mindset.
When I’m swarmed with doubt, I like to look in the mirror and say to myself: I am beautiful, I am creative. I am a writer. I constantly remind myself how incredible I am, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it.
Doing this keeps me motivated and happy. It’s incredibly important to validate ourselves on all levels.
Ask yourself these questions:
– Am I finding what feels good in everything?
– What do I want to do at this very moment, and why?
– How can I make positive changes to start believing in myself and get things done?

That was such a sweet post to write! I can assure each and every one of you that self-doubt is only temporary, especially after following the tips above, and you CAN do it!
Did you enjoy it? Would you like more posts related to this topic? Then reach out to me, or comment below! I love hearing from y’all!
And be sure to let me know how your journey goes, from here on out!
Probably writing,

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