How to get out of a funky mood

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These past few days, I’ve been in a strange funk. Not tired, not stressed, not sad, but just… bleh. Unmotivated, a little emotional, and although having good days, not ever feeling too thrilled about anything. Oftentimes, I feel like I’m the only one who ever experiences these funks, but after reaching out to a few friends, and finding several articles on the subject, I’ve come to realize that funks are actually quite normal. Everyone experiences them now and again, and eventually, everyone emerges from them.
Even so, they’re not particularly fun to experience.
I’m normally a particularly

happy and lively person

, but every now and again I seem to almost slip deep down into these foggy moments, unsure of how I got there, or how to get out. I usually sit in these funks for a while, letting them drag on and distracting myself with games, shows, and people while I wait. But, I have decided that I’d rather not experience these emotions so frequently, so I sat down with myself to figure out how I could potentially overcome them and learn how to resist slipping into that bleh state of mind.

Funks, or low moods, can be caused by many things, such as being overwhelmed with tasks, fears, and unknowns, not giving ourselves time to truly relax or enjoy ourselves, or even consuming too much sugar and lacking in sleep. Of course, I’m no doctor, and if the funk is lasting for a long time then it’d be wise to seek professional help. But oftentimes, the root can be easier to find than we may think. I’ve come to learn that most often, funks just mean we’re missing something, and what we’re missing is up to us to figure out.

3 steps to getting out of that funky mood

1. Allow yourself to experience the low emotions

Know that it’s okay to experience the emotions you’re feeling–it’s completely normal, despite it not being a good time. Sit with yourself and really process how you’re feeling. Maybe reach out to a friend and talk it out with them. Note how it feels to be in this low mood, and look at the emotions without judgment. Perhaps journal it out if that feels good, or meditate.
Rather than mask our feelings, beat ourselves up, or look for other methods of stimulation, we can just lean into it all and truly embrace what’s going on. Even when it’s difficult, bringing the emotions to the surface can help us avoid stuffing things down and potentially blowing up.
Remember again: Your feelings are valid.
But of course, we shouldn’t dwell on our low moods for too long, eventually, we take the next step.

2. Try to find the root of the issue/figure out what you may be missing

When I sat down with my feelings, I asked myself, “What do I want?” And sometimes, that’s all it takes.
While experiencing a funk or strange emotions, it’s clear that something is wrong, or missing, but it’s difficult to always know why, or what. When we ask what we want at this very moment during a funk, we can work to figure out what’s lacking.
After asking this question to myself a few times, I came up with two answers: structure and calm. I realized that my upcoming busy week was putting stress on me, and lately, I hadn’t made any time for myself to truly relax. I felt weighed down by upcoming events and scattered about all of the things occurring in my life. I also figured out that I was feeding myself negative thoughts regarding some friendships I’ve been growing.
When I figured out what I was missing, and the overall cause for these emotions, the low mood felt much more manageable.

3. Make an intention to incorporate these new findings into each day

When I figured out what I wanted, I set an intention to release my need to control and find little spaces of calm this upcoming week. Spaces when I wasn’t worrying, thinking, scrolling, or judging, but being with myself, doing things I enjoyed. As I did this, I sensed that the funk almost immediately lifted.
I also worked to refocus my mindsets on gratitude and the things going right in my life. Rather than paying attention to areas I’m lacking in, I’m working to find solutions and ways to strengthen them, while also visualizing what I want and where I want to be.
Now, when I experience a funk again, I can ask myself if it is just these same issues in disguise.
These tips may not work for you, and as I said before if the emotions persist, it may be wise to contact a professional. I’m not yet licensed in teaching psychology, but these steps worked best for me. Low moods can still occur, regardless of how hard we try to control them, but we can work in small ways to lift back up, as well as feel comfort in the fact that these emotions are normal.

Some simple ways to snap out of a funk fast

1. Tap

One thing that always helps me get out of my head and quickly reframe my thoughts is tapping. The other day, when I was stuck in this low mood, I practiced

this tapping sequence for funks

with Brad Yates.

2. Journal

When I’m feeling low, I’m practicing the habit of reaching for my journal, rather than my phone. When I write my emotions to myself, I feel more connected to myself, and I can carefully work out my problems. I then end my journaling practice with some affirmations and mindset reframing to get me feeling excited for the day!

3. Exercise

As you may or may not know, I’ve begun exercising frequently in order to lose weight and ended up loving exercise whole-heartedly. In my opinion, it is the best form of self-care. Turn on a Youtube video, or even stretch on your mat, and get your body moving. Doing this helps wake up the body, and the mind, and may help get you out of your low mood.

4. Get in that extra sleep

The other day, I only slept for six hours, and on that very day, I experienced a funk. I’m learning that too little, or even too much sleep can put us into weird moods. Take some time to set an alarm approximately eight hours from when you go to bed so that you can get the right amount of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to win that day.

5. Cut back on sugar

I love sugar, but I’ve noticed that when I chow down on bread and sweets, I’m feeling a little low. When I choose healthier, whole foods, I feel energized and refreshed. Try being mindful of the food you’re consuming, and note how different foods may affect your emotions.

6. Distract yourself

Sometimes, all we really need is a good distraction. If the feelings are too powering, so much that getting up or working through it seems unbearable, turn to something that will make you feel good. Such as a good book, an entertaining show, or even sleeping in a little longer. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your needs and wants and giving into what feels good.

I hope this blog post has helped you find a way to emerge from that low mood, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day or night.
This post is being posted on a Tuesday, rather than a Sunday, and I apologize–this week has been a bit hectic, as you may have already read! I am leaving for Colorado tomorrow (the flight will be interesting, for sure), and have been spending most of my free time prepping my new bullet journal, decorating my new apartment, and spending time with my boyfriend before I leave.
Feel free to comment any thoughts you had while reading this post below, and I’ll see you on Sunday!
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