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7 ways minimalism has benefited me (as a college student)

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Grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and dive right in! I’m so glad you could be here for the very first tea-time! I have peppermint tea today–what about you?
I’m not exactly sure what my plan is with tea-time, but as of now, it will be lighter posts that go into general topics that I’m enjoying or you’d like to see more of! There’s nothing too different between these posts and all the others. The only real difference is tea!
About five months back, I fell in love with minimalism. I went through a major declutter and got rid of about 5 bags of clothes, two bags of shoes, and a month later, I got rid of even more! I also got rid of books that were taking up space, and other various objects. Now that I’m writing this, I’m realizing I should probably declutter again… Even with the build-up of things, my wardrobe consists of about 8 shirts on constant rotation and 3 pants. And besides tennis shoes and the occasional Converse, I only wear one pair of black sandals.
I still have many books and objects, and because I’m a college student living away from home but still come back to stay with my parents, I have two bedrooms. That means double the things–two desks, two lamps, two bookshelves, two beds and so on. If a true minimalist looked at me, they’d probably scream and run.
But I’ve learned, through the practice of decluttering, that minimalism isn’t solely about the physical objects, and it’s perfectly okay to own two different coffee pots and fifteen pairs of shoes. It’s more about what brings value to you in all areas of your life.
In my eyes, I’m living a minimalist lifestyle and that’s all that matters because that’s really what being a minimalist is–letting go of things you don’t need or benefit from, including people and toxic emotions.
Throughout these five months, I have found loads of benefits derived from the minimalist practice. Below are ways in which you may benefit also, as well as reasons as to why you should begin your minimalist practice, too!

7 ways minimalism has benefited me


1. Traveling and moving is easier

This summer I’ve been staying with my family every now in again, usually for about four to five days at a time. Every time I move around, I have to pack a bag or two, but it is never stressful, as my wardrobe is smaller and I only own clothes I love and can mix and match with. Also, all of my hygiene products, such as my face cleanser, body lotion, perfume, razors, and a bit of makeup all fit in one small bag that is easily transportable.
Traveling used to be incredibly stressful for me. I would pack giant suitcases stuffed with every outfit imaginable for a three-day vacation, and I would end up wearing leggings and cardigans the entire time. Now, I pack light and never run out of clothes.
Also, getting dressed is much easier, as all the clothes you thoroughly enjoy and feel good in are in reach and visible!

2. I value my clothes and items more

Speaking of clothes–I value them more! I like to feel the fabric on my skin and wash and fold my clothing with care.
I also take time to look at all the objects I have, running my fingers over them and noticing the small designs I hadn’t noticed before. There’s a small tea-cup I bought a year or so ago that has a lovely painting of a cottage in a field on it. I picked it up the other day and admired the painting. I had honestly forgotten it was there.
All the things I own suddenly have way more value, because I have fewer things, and surround myself with things that have value to me.

3. My room and space is tidier

My space, at home and at my apartment, used to be filled with so many knick-knacks, I barely had any desk space or room to move around. It took me forever to dust and clean everything, and as I mentioned above with the tea-cup, I had forgotten most of what I had.
There’s nothing wrong with keeping knick-knacks, however–I kept many of mine while decluttering. But my room is so much tidier, simpler, and easier to clean with fewer objects!

4. I buy fewer things

Now, I say this lightly. With my birthday money, I bought two pillows, a new essential oil diffuser that looked better in my room (and moved the older one to the kitchen), and two books that I didn’t need. I also bought a hammock with a stand and a water fountain and a mouse pad and you get the point… I still buy random things quite often.
But, before I buy things, I sit and think about it for a while. I usually write it down and see if I still want it a week later. I make sure everything has value.
I bought the water fountain because the sound of water eases my tension headaches and my cat loves playing with it! I got the hammock because I needed a place outside to read. I got the pillows because I had neck problems and the mouse pad because I literally didn’t own one and was using a coloring book in place of it.
I didn’t need any of the things I bought, but they brought me value. Never feel like you can’t own anything you want because you’re living a minimalist lifestyle.
Because I process what I buy before I buy it, I do buy fewer things that I did before. I like to ask myself before buying anything, “Will I enjoy it in six months from now?” (I ask this as I decide whether or not it’s worth it to save up for a Nintendo Switch… help, I don’t know what to do!)

5. Time has more value to me

With less clutter in my life, I’ve noticed that I value time more. While I still like to cozy up with video games and movies, I find that I make more use of my days off. I spend time sitting in silence and noticing things, and when I read, I’m truly reading. Time almost feels slower, and less of my day is spent surrounded and preoccupied with things.
Things no longer control my life–I control my life!

6. I take better care of my body

Not only have I simplified people, things, but I’ve simplified my diet as well. I buy less from the grocery store, paying attention to want I really need, cook most of my meals at home, and really pay attention to what I eat. Most of my money goes to food as well, since I’m no longer buying so many random things.
I drink more tea, intake less sugar, and reach for more fruits and veggies. Of course, I still eat PopTarts and Cheetos (in fact, I ate both last night), but I’ve become more in-tune with myself, and therefore, I reach for what my body craves much more often.
I also have more time, which I spend exercising!

7. Life is less stressful

With clean walls, a peaceful state of mind, and people in my life who love and support me, life just feels less stressful. Looking for value in everything helps prevent mental clutter, as I’m only focusing on things that are important to me. I have less in my life to worry about, fewer decisions to make throughout my everyday routine, and my life is less cluttered.
Living minimally just makes life a little calmer.

Here are some resources to check out if you’re wanting to start a minimalist journey yourself:

The More of Less by Joshua Becker (I’ve been listening to this as an audiobook!)

Do you live a minimal lifestyle? Tell me about it below!
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