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6 ways to clear your mind of clutter

Hi there!   Have you ever experienced squirrel-brain? Monkey-mind? Foggy-head? I know I have!   In fact, I am experiencing it now, and have been feeling it for the majority of this week. I had been calling it a “funk”. I felt slow, unable to form concrete thoughts, my head feeling heavy. Besides finishing up Flowers For Algernon by Daniel…

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3 ways to declutter your life

Hi there!   If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been decluttering my clothes, my books, my room, and simply, my life. Well, here is how that spiral began.   I struggle day-to-day with a cluttered mind, filled top-to-bottom with scattered thoughts and ideas for blog posts, novel ideas, and a possible Youtube channel. The only…

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