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How to prepare for college with ease

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College is approaching quickly, my first day of class beginning Monday, just 5 days from now. So, I felt like this was an appropriate time to share what I do to seamlessly prepare for the countless hours of studying that await ahead.
A lot of people portray college as a daunting place where you’ll surely end up sleep-deprived and trampled-on. But I believe that if you prepare ahead of time, and hold your head high throughout, your time at college will be just a simple hill to climb in order to reach adult-hood. If you’re reading this before your first semester at college, I promise–you’ll be fine! If you’ve already attended university for some time, then great–we can always learn more!
Here are a few ways to get you organized and thinking positively before your upcoming, college semester!
1. Buy your notebooks ahead of time, one for each class
This may seem like a no-brainer, but preparing all your materials ahead of time is a must for college. When I buy my notebooks and label them, I also like to write the professor’s information on the front pages so that every bit of information is clearly written in each journal. 
2. Set up a designated and organized work area to your liking
Whether you prefer working at the library, at the coffee shop, or at home, I’d say it’s always important to make yourself a comfortable work area. Try adding candles, fairy-lights, trinkets or posters to your work area at home, or find a cozy hang out to consistently do your work at. That way, you’ll feel more inclined to get things done and will feel more at-ease with consistency.
3. Start a bullet journal / get a planner
If you’ve read any of my past posts, you should know that I live by my bullet journal and I jot down nearly every idea into it. I began bullet journaling in late high school, and I honestly can’t imagine college without planning my weeks and months ahead of time. Beginning a planner will help you prepare for college immensely.
4. Write down your school schedule
During my freshman year, I used my phone to find my classes for the first month or so, and it was incredibly annoying. I’d suggest writing down your schedule somewhere (like your bullet journal *hint, hint*) so that you can use it as a point of reference throughout the semester. Does someone want to hang out? Check your schedule, and make sure you won’t be too burnt-out. Which leads me to the next tip…
5. Practice the art of saying “no”
I’ve had to learn how to say “no” the hard way–after finding myself on the floor of my dorm and later my apartment, rocking back and forth, my head throbbing from fatigue, my savings account drained and wasted on so many outings with friends when I could have cooked from home.
Okay, that was a tad dramatic. But, I did spend a lot of time away from my studies and my blog, buying food I didn’t necessarily need to buy and using up precious energy on not-so-important tasks.
This upcoming semester, I’m challenging myself to say “no” more often, especially throughout the busy work-week so that I have much more time for myself to unwind and get things done.
7. Clear your mental clutter
Beginning college with any sort of past clutter or resentment can sabotage your success and overall focus. Try some forgiveness practices, and journal out unresolved issues, so that you start classes with a clear, happy mind.
8. Budget for your semester ahead of time
Yesterday, I sat down and budgeted finances, and I instantly felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders! My system was precisely this: I gathered up all my recurrent payments, like Spotify and Wix, gave myself $50 a week for groceries, $50 a month for gas, took away about $200 for savings, and subtracted it all from my monthly income, leaving myself a set maximum to spend each week. Whether I want to go on a date night, buy myself a book or some clothes, or snag a cup of coffee, I can use that extra money! If I don’t use it, it goes straight to my savings.
When you budget your expenses, you can enter college with a clear mind and a relaxed financial state, because you know how much you can spend each week and you can easily track your savings.
9. Set (reasonable) routines
Understand yourself like the back of your hand, and create efficient morning and night routines that stick. Don’t add five-million things to your mornings (I’m saying this thanks to past-experience), but don’t roll out of bed and head to class or work with a groggy head, either.
Three things I like to do every morning is drink coffee, make my bed, and journal for about 15 minutes or 3 pages. At night, I like to make some sleepy-time tea, check up on my boyfriend, and read a few pages of a book.
Giving yourself those snippets of time to unwind and prepare yourself mentally is a must for college-prep.
10. Get your sleeping habits in check
I may appear like an uttermost morning person online, but there are plenty of days when I sleep-in past eleven or even noon, and I stay up until late hours binging TV or devouring a good book. In the apartment, it’s easy to stay up late, too, socializing with friends.
Sleep is so incredibly important while in college, so it’s vital that you get your sleeping habits in check before college begins. Try going to bed early and waking up early, or vice-versa if you have night classes. Do what you can to get a good night’s sleep so you’re well-rested for classes and studies.
11. Appreciate, and appreciate more
This is something I learned about last night in the book Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby reminds us that when we find ourselves in times of stress, doubt, or defeat, it’s important to appreciate the things in your life that are working out for you, and turn your focus on your successes. College can be stressful if we allow it to be, or if you fail to properly manage your time. Constantly be appreciative that you are here at college and it will all feel more at ease.
Well, that’s all I have for y’all today! Thank you so much for reading.
Are there any things you do to help prepare for college? Let me know in the comments below!
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