Personal Growth

5 ways to finally let go of the past

Hi there!   Recently, memories and past hurts have been creeping into my mind. Whether it was the session with an energy healer, or just giving myself space to think, I’ve been experiencing things that I thought I healed from long ago.   Past and even recent events have been leaking out during conversations, appearing in my mind in the…

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3 ways to declutter your life

Hi there!   If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been decluttering my clothes, my books, my room, and simply, my life. Well, here is how that spiral began.   I struggle day-to-day with a cluttered mind, filled top-to-bottom with scattered thoughts and ideas for blog posts, novel ideas, and a possible Youtube channel. The only…

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Mindset, Productivity

How to release self-doubt

Hi there!   Whenever you put yourself out there or embark on a new journey, annoying self-doubts have a tendency of creeping in. It’s near unavoidable–the what-if’s and unnerving anxieties that sit on your shoulders and wait. Whether you’re first-drafting a new book, starting a blog, unsure what to post on your social media to gain followers, or dating someone…

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3 ways to evoke emotion in your writing

Hi there!   Not to brag or anything (okay, maybe just a little bit), but people have finished reading my books sobbing. Happy tears, sad tears, all of it. And this is not because of the way the book ends, it’s not because they’re sad, heart-tearing books. But they impact the reader–at least, that’s the goal. This is every writer’s…

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College Life

How to prepare for college with ease

Hi there!   College is approaching quickly, my first day of class beginning Monday, just 5 days from now. So, I felt like this was an appropriate time to share what I do to seamlessly prepare for the countless hours of studying that await ahead.   A lot of people portray college as a daunting place where you’ll surely end…

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Why your self-talk could be blocking your happiness

Hi there! Oftentimes, we forget that our self-talk could be increasingly damaging. Our repetitive stories, our negative words, body-shaming, and judging can all form walls, shutting out possibilities of success, happiness, and anything else, if we’re not careful.   Wait… what? Oh yes, and here’s why:   Every time we think a thought and believe that thought, our brain changes.…

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Bookish posts

5 books to read on a cozy day-in

Hi there!   It’s becoming that time of year when a Saturday night is joyfully spent staying in, reading that good book, and chowing down on pumpkin pie and sipping warm apple cider. At least, that’s what I’d rather do than a night out, aha. When it’s cold outside and the sky is gray, there’s nothing better than snuggling up…

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