How to make time for yourself

Hi there!   A few days ago while reading, I remembered that soon, classes and work at the office begins again. My peaceful break spent reading, writing, and being with myself will soon come to a close. In time, I wouldn’t be able to wake up leisurely, workout, shower, then read for the remainder of the day anymore.  I began…

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Guest Post/Interviews

For the love of editing | interview with owner of Ellery Edits

For as long as Ellery Mar Connor can remember, she’s loved fiction as it works as both an escape as well as instructor of writing. She’s also a writer, currently working on a Science Fiction-Fantasy that is also a loose retelling of Frankenstein. Ever since college, however, when a professor encouraged her to pursue professional editing, she realized her gift…

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Bookish posts

My favorite books of 2020

Hi there! This past year, I completed my reading challenge of 50 books! This is quite a big deal to me because I haven’t read anywhere near this many books since I was in middle school. It’s not even the quantity that means a lot to me, but the habit of reading. While I’ve always loved reading, I’ll admit and…

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Personal Growth

8 healthy habits to implement in 2021

Hi there! I can hardly believe that it’ll be 2021 two days from now as I’m writing this. This year felt both excruciatingly long, as well as incredibly quick, as it gave me more time to relax, but also gave me more things to preoccupy my mind and worry me. In my personal life, a lot happened this year, and…

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