How to manage intense emotions

Hi there! I experience strong emotions quite often, either because my enneagram is 4w3, or I’m just a normal human. While some people may easily handle strong emotions without giving them much thought, others may struggle to release them. Sometimes, our seemingly small and fleeting emotions expand until they are all we can see, or all we believe, and they…

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Mindfulness, Personal Growth

A messy life is a beautiful life

Hi there!   For quite some time, I’ve done extensive research on how to put my life together. My life has always been quite scattered, my attention darting from one task to the next, the path before me never a straight line but a zig-zagging loop that descends into the deep unknown. While I always knew I wanted to be…

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The importance of silence

Hi there! This past weekend, Jared and I stayed in a tiny home in the woods for two nights. It was a cozy, cabin-like place, tucked away in the trees. The air was so still, so quiet, and so dense with life and nourishment. During the day, squirrels would prance along the branches of the towering trees, their leaves swaying…

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