Simple mindfulness practices for returning to the present

Hi there! I’ve been obsessed with the mindfulness podcast, The Mindful Kind. I’ve been listening to it while showering, working on my bullet journal, and while on long walks, feeling a sense of calm with every episode. I realized a few days ago that, although my blog’s name is called Mindfully Brittney, rarely do I write about mindfulness. And, when…

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How to overcome a writing slump

Hi there! This post was actually requested by two different readers! Eeeek! I love writing posts that I know my readers want. And those requests were perfect, too, because if I’m entirely honest, I’ve been in a little writing slump myself. Ever since publishing my second book, Fifty Days, I’ve slipped into a deep creativity rut and have only recently…

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Minamilism, Mindset

6 ways to clear your mind of clutter

Hi there!   Have you ever experienced squirrel-brain? Monkey-mind? Foggy-head? I know I have!   In fact, I am experiencing it now, and have been feeling it for the majority of this week. I had been calling it a “funk”. I felt slow, unable to form concrete thoughts, my head feeling heavy. Besides finishing up Flowers For Algernon by Daniel…

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Personal Growth

20 things I’ve learned in 20 years

Hi there!   I am 20 now, and other than the fact that I am no longer a teenager and am now embarking into a new phase of life, I feel no different. In fact, my age sits a little more comfortably, and because the age 20 is vastly more mature than the age 19, regardless of the one-year separation,…

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